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Our range of shutter styles enables you to add a personal touch to your home with ease.

100% British made with 100% British parts.

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Custom Made Shutters

We offer a full range of shutters to suit all situations:

  • Full Height

    A popular choice for their sleek style and practical application - excellent for blocking out unwanted light. Full height means that the shutter panels run the entire height of the window or door.

    For taller windows, a mid-rail may be added to full height shutters, so different sections of louvres can be operated independently, giving greater light control.

  • Café Style

    Café style window shutters are half the height of full height shutters - excellent for providing privacy to street level and street facing windows.

    Sitting in the bottom half of the window, café style allows light in the top half of the window to provide a unique level of light and privacy in the room.

    Also ideal for first floor bedrooms that aren’t overlooked from above, meaning that privacy is not an issue.

  • Tier on Tier

    Tier on Tier offers the same practicalities as Café Style, but with a second tier of shutters situated on the top half of the frame, hinged separately.

    Both the top and bottom shutter panels can fold away or be kept in-situ, giving even more control over both the light control and privacy.

    Perhaps the most flexible style, Tier on Tier Wooden is arguably at its most effective when the hinged panels of the shutters are narrow.

    Having narrow panels allows them to be concertinaed and Bi-folded back against the wall, meaning they will take up less space than Tier on Tier with larger panels.

  • Bay Window

    Specially crafted to fit the space, shutters are a perfect solution for traditional British bay windows.

    Whether a square or splay bay, shutters mean that you don’t have the awkwardness of curtain rails, and the light control means that you can maximize the sun filtering through the aperture.

    Plantation shutters blend into the bay window design, allowing you to keep the perfect lines of the bay, keeping the area clean and crisp whilst maintaining the special aesthetics that the architect had intended.

  • Special Shape

    We can supply bespoke shapes to fit unusual or specfic features in a building.

To fit any room you require

At The Curtain Shop we can provide range of bespoke shutter solutions to fit just about any window or door, no matter the size, shape, or complexity.

Whether your window is circular, arched or angled, is large or small, we can design special shape window shutters to fit perfectly.

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Shutter Solutions for any window

Make the most of your time at home by exploring beautiful new ways to transform your interior. 

With our sample service you can order shutter samples from selected collections to inspire your creativity and find the style that works for you.

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