Home Automation

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With a press of a button, a call to Alexa or from your smartphone, your curtains and blinds can be fully remote controlled.

They can be hard wired or lithium ion battery operated.

Create extra privacy and protection for your home.

Go on indulge yourself.

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Electric Curtain Tracks

4 good reasons to motorise your curtains:

  • Creates a comfortable and elegant living environment
    • With our motorised curtain tracks, you can control all your curtains easily via your phone or a single remote control.
  • Install your curtains easily
    • Thanks to our easy-to-install wireless motorised system, no costly power connection will be necessary.
    • The curtains work perfectly with a built-in battery guaranteed to last! Or can be hard wired.
  • Enjoy the silence
    • Our new range of motorised systems were developed to guarantee you a peacefully quiet home.
    • Because your well-being is our priority, our curtains open and close discreetly without making any irritating noise.
  • Enjoy ultra efficient curtains
    • To protect and extend the life of your curtains, we’ve developed efficient high-precision motors.
    • Your curtains will always be perfectly aligned to create an elegant ambiance.

Your favourite position at the touch of a button.

Save your favourite position then easily adjust your curtains with a push of the "My" button on your remote control.

Automation provides extra safety

Timer Control

Connect your electric curtain track with a timer and your curtains close and open automatically at the time you want.

This not only provides additional comfort when you are at home, but by automating your curtains when you are out you create presence simulation increasing protection against burglary.


Avoid prying eyes looking in! Program your curtains to open and close automatically at preset times. You can also simulate presence in the house, even when you are not at home by opening and closing the curtains at variable or set times.


You also have the option to connect sensors to your electric curtains. A sun sensor can automatically operate the curtains to protect your furniture against UV damage, increase privacy and also to maintain a nice temperature in a room.


You can operate your curtains with your phone, tablet or PC. This means that you are always in control, wherever, over your blinds & curtains and many other connected products.

Single App Control

Control everything through a single smartphone app.

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